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We make a commitment to serve!

We make a committment to serve!

We make a comittment to serve!

We make a committment to serve!

We make a commitment to serve!

Volume 2 Issue 2 






In a book that is both an unflinching indictment of past wrongs and an impassioned call to our nation to educate all Americans about the history of Africa and its people, Robinson makes a persuasive case for the debt white America owes blacks, and the debt blacks owe themselves.

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Every High School Student, College Student and Adult should GET THIS BOOK NOW IF YOU DESIRE SUCCESS / CHANGE  in this critical hour!

"Societies Greatest Return On Investment (ROI) is Our Youth Who Will Lead and Shoulder the Responsibilities of Tomorrow" by Roosevelt Muhammad

"Overcoming Hostile (or Challenging) Environments is the Secret to Success for Those Who Understand and Practice True Leadership." by Roosevelt Muhammad

This is the perfect self-help book covering basic fundamental leadership practices for emerging leaders, youth, and adults who want the following:

Desire success for their team or organization;

Value change leadership;

Make a commitment to service humanity;

and; those who can easily identify with quality leadership skills and practices

"Change We Can Believe In." USA 44th President, Barack H. Obama

To purchase this book, click on the book or click here to go to the Authorhouse Publishing page and purchase it. 

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