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We make a commitment to serve!

We make a committment to serve!

We make a comittment to serve!

We make a committment to serve!

We make a commitment to serve!

19 Pledges A Signature of Greatness

Why you must be a Youth In Charge (YIC) and Why you must be an Adult In Charge (AIC) of Your Life?


People must be empowered!!!

Upon considering the condition of our communities, we have come to the obvious conclusion that we co-habit in extremely dangerous times. Traditionally, in times of trouble, the members of the community would assemble to build and strategize on how to overcome complex socio-economic issues and concerns. Research states that: Socioeconomics is an area that governs the understandings and the activities of individuals that shape them as economically active. The socio-economic issues are the factors that have negative influence on the individuals' economic activity. Such issues are lack of education, cultural and religious discrimination, overpopulation, unemployment and corruption according to Socio-Economic Issues Article published by  People in society are faced with multiple challenges and decisions that can easily make or break them. Humans are being told what to do and when to do it by a number of outside forces. As a result the human family is being consumed and overwhelmed by negative behavior and many a time do not have the capacity or skill base to prevent individual harm and injury to self.

These two new Activity Books, Youth In Charge (YIC) and Adult In Charge (AIC) are designed to facilitate a comprehensive solution-based intervention strategy and approach  for  individuals in an effort to help them take charge of their lives. These two new Activity Book’s YIC and AIC will help an individual move forward in life positively.

These two new Activity Book’s YIC and AIC will help an individual move forward in life positively. It is imperative that individuals who purchase this book identify a professional facilitator, teacher, leadership trainer, coach or parental figure to guide them through each pledge in order to achieve the best results.

The YIC and AIC Activity Books are also known as “A Keep-Sake Book.” Individuals are encouraged to respond to specific pledge questions using the “SWOT Analysis” (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Treats) business tool. The “SWOT” Analysis” originated in the early 1950’s at Harvard University with a group of students originally known as “SOFT Analysis” and the F stood for Faults but was later changed in the 1960’s to represent W for Weaknesses according to The History of SWOT article published by Kyra Sheahan, Contributor. We have to be about the business of taking charge of our lives. Therefore; Individuals are encouraged to practice and scrimmage their SWOT on scrap paper before writing information in the YIC and/or AIC Activity Book.

Image Association: Owners of the YIC and AIC Activity Books are required to select a photo of them closely related to each pledge and place it in the designated area on each pledge page. Our goal is so that each individual will be able to personalize their experience and commitment by using their photo image in association with each specific pledge. Image defined: a physical likeness or representation of a person, a mental picture or association of ideas.  Association defined: an organization of people with a common purpose and/or having a formal structure; according to

You must keep the YIC and AIC Activity Book in a high visible location of your home or workplace. You should never hide this book or misplace this book. You are encouraged to travel with this book. Soon you will be able to experience this book electronically which will also give you the opportunity to edit the book at your leisure while you make efforts to take charge of your life.

In conclusion, TIME-ER Center Inc. is well aware that many of our citizens within the community we live are deficient of the necessary skills to productively address the complex issues/concerns of today.  Therefore, we pledge to do our part in helping to service humanity with this helpful tool. These Activity Books require that each participant carefully Examine, Reflect, Analyze (S.W.O.T. Analysis), and Apply meaningful responses to the line of questions posed on each “Pledge” outlined in these books. You are encouraged to be proactive, practice positive habits, and uphold the commitments and pledges you make. You are encouraged to apply and practice positive learned behavior so that you experience healthy growth and development as an individual that’s in charge of your life.

Please join our team “World Wide Leadership Campaign;” to EMPOWER the human family into making the Pledge of being a “Youth In Charge” of your life or an “Adult In Charge” of your life.

Roosevelt Muhammad, MA

A MUST HAVE BOOK is now Available.

Every High School Student, College Student and Adult should GET THIS BOOK NOW IF YOU DESIRE SUCCESS / CHANGE  in this critical hour!

"Societies Greatest Return On Investment (ROI) is Our Youth Who Will Lead and Shoulder the Responsibilities of Tomorrow" by Roosevelt Muhammad

"Overcoming Hostile (or Challenging) Environments is the Secret to Success for Those Who Understand and Practice True Leadership." by Roosevelt Muhammad

This is the perfect self-help book covering basic fundamental leadership practices for emerging leaders, youth, and adults who want the following:

Desire success for their team or organization;

Value change leadership;

Make a commitment to service humanity;

and; those who can easily identify with quality leadership skills and practices

"Change We Can Believe In." USA 44th President, Barack H. Obama

To purchase this book, click on the book or click here to go to the Authorhouse Publishing page and purchase it. 

19 PLEDGES A SIGNATURE OF GREATNESS™  brand apparel here.  



We market our services and products to the individual within our community: The educational institutions, colleges and universities, secondary, primary and elementary schools, technical and vocational centers of learning. In addition, the business sector and corporate arenas, community centers and agencies, social programs and services, health related facilities and services, all of which are engaged in the process of servicing and producing quality people (citizens) in a complex ever changing world.

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